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not too bad.



It's an interesting concept and some of the art is pretty decent, but the whole thing seems a little contrived to me.

Is a small glass of absinthe really going to affect anyone much? 15mg of buspar?

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure some of the drugs on his list would rock your world, but if taking 2 weeks of Zoloft supposedly changes his perception that much, I have to wonder about the legitimacy of the rest of the drawings.
And I have to wonder about the legitimacy of selling such drugs legally. They seem to affect the guy more than LSD would.
If I disclose all the drugs I'm on do you think I'll get more sales for my art?

Anyway, I kinda like how his Nitrus/Valium IV looks Aboriginal :

It probably is contrived in many ways, even making a concept like this publicly known adds to it.

But I see it rather as a playfull concept than as a serious ambition. I don't think the goal is taking some drug and then saying, like: Now it is the drug drawing itself, I'm completely under influence and that's what comes out.

I see it as a sort of experiment where the drug and the "artist" (if something like that exists) are meeting somewhere in the middle and then look what might happen. Sometimes the drug takes over, sometimes the artist is trying or forcing it too much and the result becomes kitschy or simply doesn't work.

But I like the idea. It's interesting.
There's nothing quite like dancing naked in the rain in your bare feet, communing with mother nature...

Outside of your large house on an expensive California hillside...
Black Swan: That's a beautiful painting!

As for that video, I have no comment. It was hard to watch.
Brian Lewis Saunders is great and I think he hit it right on the head for the drugs I know about. AS for that smelly old hippie chick dancing around with the cam corder in her back yard in Sherman Oaks with no view, blah!

I also kind of noticed that maybe some of the other great artists here are possibly medicated, no not possibly but for sure.
[...] taking 2 weeks of Zoloft supposedly changes his perception that much [...]
Totally true!
Zoloft isn't much different than Prozac and changes your perception ZERO, no matter how long you take it. May change your mood, yes, but not perception or counciousness.

On the other hand, this guy seems to be a case for Haldol, which means: no matter, what he takes at a given moment, his perceptions would be strange anyway.

Still I like some of his paintings/drawings.
Roni is right. How do you know about this stuff? I often wonder how I know so much about all these meds, but I do know a lot about them myself.
It's a benzo. So if you've ever taken a valium, it's in that family, but it's much stronger. It gives you a high and makes you tired, but it's a bit like being drunk too. I would add a feeling of being "cozy" too. It's an anti anxiety, but if you take a full 2 mgs, it's a bit fun. It will also knock you out for the night.
pretty addictive. Like adderall 90 mil a day. it took me a month of sleeping to get off that one. and unless you are for sure Manic , the side effects don't seem worth it. Not to mention the lame doctors visits, the money, the dosage hikes.

can't figure out how to get my image here. sorry . fun thread, though , yes.
Xanax works well for this old dog, keeps the amygdala down to a reasonable size. Trouble is, getting doctors to write prescriptions for it. Like many medicines that actually work, it's "addictive". Usually, I've been offered one of the dozens of varieties of salts they pawn off on those needing somethin' and just don't bother chasing it. Sometimes the rabbi comes through with bootleg treats, and I'm as smooth as silk.

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