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Wow, I just found this out this am. Aside from all the Stern back and forth that has gone on here before... Artie is a good comic on his own. Kinda sucks, I hope he makes it through this. But it seems he's destined to die. Any other Artie fans out there? And I don't mean the Stern show, but his stand-up, or Beer League? I know it's hard to separate him from the show, but he is a worthy comic on his own!

Geez, the N.Y. Post says he stabbed himself, says he had 6 hesitation wounds, and 3 deep plunges. Sounds like he was quite determined.
Yeah, I've always thought he was pretty funny.

I saw him several months ago at a Barnes & Noble on Pico Blvd. Actually, first I noticed the smokin' hot girl who walked in with him and I thought, "Wow, what's she doing with that large unkempt guy in sweatpants...oh wait, that's Artie Lange." Anyway, they got in line behind me and I noticed he was buying like 5 copies of his own book, Too Fat to Fish.
Ha, that's awesome! I thought you meant he was there for a book signing at first! Yeah, I've seen him live a few times doing his stand up, and he always leaves me rolling in the aisles.

Man, I wish I could hear him tell the story behind waiting in line to buy copies of his own book. It would probably be pretty funny.
He probably suffers from clinical (unipolar) depression. Many actor types suffer from this condition. People unfamiliar with clinical depression do not understand how a mental condition can actually hurt physically enough to cause a person to take their own life.

In my pro bono legal work with homeless, I encounter many suffering from clinical depression. Sometimes medication works but many times they do not. Most self medicate with alcohol or drugs that over the long run only feed the depression. One suicide note I read about two years ago stated that with the pain it just was not worth living anymore. Public health services are very limited and are mostly voluntary so many suffering from this brain disease never seek help.

I like Artie too and I hope he pulls through. Most people do not know that Abraham Lincoln suffered from clinical depression and was suicidal much of his life. He used Laudanum to compensate for the "melancholy" as it was termed in those days. Laudanum is an opiate, legal in the 1860's.
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Wow. But not entirely surprising either. Rolling Stone had a solid 1-2 page piece on him a year ago or so when Too Fat To Fish hit bestsellers lists and lots of people were surprised. Hope he pulls through ok.
Just an opinion mjp, just an opinion. And just like a great writer once stated, "Opinions are like assholes - just about everybody has one." chow
I hope Artie Lange has been getting help. Suicide by stabbing is a rotten way to go. Once you feel the sensation of the knife ripping through your flesh, it changes your whole outlook on your life. Assuming you survive.

I'd hate to see him join the list of celebrities who have died too young.
It's too bad that a lot of great humor (all great humor?) has to come from such deep pain. Comedians as a breed are a miserable lot. Even the "happy, normal" ones (think Seinfeld, Bill Cosby, etc.) are no fun when they aren't performing. The best just bring their anger out in the open and we recognize it and laugh. Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, Freddie Prinze, Bill Hicks, Jonathan Winters, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Jackie Gleason (yes, Jackie Gleason!) - all really fucked up and/or angry guys, all great comedians.
Yeh, even in whatever someone is feeling at the point of suicide, I can't imagine why they'd choose that way...

Depressed people get to the point where they no longer have rational lines of thought. They're not crazy, just confused and in pain. They're really more concerned with ending that pain than killing themselves. The consequence of dying is skewed by that concern. So death isn't the goal. It just doesn't mean anything to them by that point.
There is nothing about him on his official web site unless you view this page about appearances and see that everything is cancelled.
I hope there is a huge outpouring of support for him that makes him get better. Howard Stern can get that going for him.

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