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Did you see the article on CNN?!

Suicide bombing kills dozens in Iraq

I am shocked and outraged! Iraq does not appear to be a safe and peaceful place at all! Oh my god, what is going on over there? A suicide bombing?! Who ever heard of such a thing?!

And the bombing happened near a mosque! A place of worship! I don't understand...what's happening?

This is quite dismaying news, I must say. Just totally blindsided me and caught me off guard. So unexpected. I am still in shock. A suicide bombing, at a mosque in Iraq...I can't believe it!
You think that's bad, check out what's happening in Iran. It appears the Bush administration helped someone tally some votes.

What's next? North Korea gonna start launching missiles???
Yes, that's human history. Annihilation. Sad but true, it seems to be much easier to go to war than find a way of peace. Ape versus ape. What a bad joke.
Come on! It was just some kid playing with firecrackers. Iraq is a very safe place. That's why the coalition troops are pulling out...:rolleyes:
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It's too easy to forget these people are people.
We start to think of them as statistics, or worse, a crappy punch line to a bad joke.

mjp, if someone had written your email on September 12th to the effect that 'surprise, surprise, the US finally gets its ass kicked for all the lousy things it has done around the globe', there would be a slightly different tenor to the responses.

I appreciate you probably hate what's going over there - us in the name of 'democracy' - them in the name of 'religion'.
But by saying "I am shocked and outraged!" I assume you mean you are neither.

If the thought of men women and children being torn to bits by a massive truck bomb no longer shocks and outrages us, then we just might be properly fucked. Ja?

At the main hospital in the city, the courtyard was filled with injured children in bloodstained blue uniforms, a Washington Post special correspondent reported from the scene. Many had their heads and arms wrapped in bandages. Some clutched bloodstained books. A baby girl lay dead in the emergency room from shrapnel that had torn through her body. Doctors and nurses broke into tears because they couldn't save her.


Another bomb in Sadr City today.

70+ people killed, more than a hundred injured.

Some fucking lunatic on a tuk-tuk - not even the guts to stay and get wiped out with the innocents he was about to destroy. He fled before the bomb went off.

I remember being a kid and watching war movies and thinking (naively) how cool it was to be injured... shot cleanly through the arm or leg, being patched up and healing and getting back in to the scrap or going home.

Just a dumb kid.

I know these pictures are to look at, but this is just another ruined life in a long list of ruined lives.
Still it is the reality of the situation for too many people on this planet.

Real people.


She lost both her eyes.
If the thought of men women and children being torn to bits by a massive truck bomb no longer shocks and outrages us, then we just might be properly fucked. Ja?

So they should quit blowing each other up, yeah?

It has nothing to do with America. We will leave, and they will continue to butcher each other. Just like they did before we were there.
Well, obviously it would be just swell if these fucking psychos would stop blowing shit up and killing and maiming, yes.

America will leave and it will get a whole lot worse.

Until the fundamentalists get into power. Then it will be horrible for other reasons.

Iraq was a relatively safe place to live under Sodamn Insane.

Unless he (or one of his family) took a disliking to you, that is.
Until the fundamentalists get into power. Then it will be horrible for other reasons.
Yes, at the end of the day the river of blood always leads to religion's doorstep, doesn't it. All of the slaughter going on (outside of the occasional large corporate war fought between countries over lines on a map or political ideologies) is based on people who believe their fairy tale is right and yours is wrong. So you must die. Where is there any possibility of safety or peace in that?

This isn't a rant against you, ROC, it's just generalized malaise rearing its ugly gourd.

The middle east, and huge chunks of Africa, are gone. They're just done, and they will not stop smoldering until all the believers are dead. Which seems to be what they want anyway, so cool. Knock yourselves out. But don't expect me to weep over the dead, or express shock at their atrocities. I can't. I just don't care anymore. You can't force "peace" onto people, especially people with centuries of animosity behind them. No one wants to admit what the root cause of all this is, and even if they did, it would take centuries to rid the world of the ignorance and intolerance that religion fosters.

So what should I do, mope around wringing my hands and be shocked and outraged and write letters to fucking politicians? Excuse me if I laugh in the face of all the tragedy in the world, but give me a break. I can't stop the endless Itchy and Scratchy cartoon from playing out. And I really don't want to. It's not my business. I have other concerns, like, maintaining my luxurious lifestyle and making sure I have enough money for a yacht when I retire.

Of all the things that are worth fighting for in this world, religion is not even on the list. Yet here we are. And America is no different. We'll have hooded masses roaming the streets one day, waving crosses and automatic weapons. Killing in the name of GOD. All I can say to that is; hallelujah! Target practice! Our holy war will be much better, because, as you know, every American citizen maintains a large cache of deadly weapons, and we are all anxious for a legitimate reason to use them on our friends and neighbors.

Yes, yes, yes. What kind of world? Well, enough of me. Let us now turn our attention to what is truly important and bask in the bloody glory of all the world's "good books." Amen. A salaam alaikum, bitch! Eat shrapnel!
There are now THREE absolutes in life.

And that there will never be peace in the middle east.

That's shocking.
Though I don't see why it's completely nessa to mock CNN for reporting news? Afterall, that is their job...
This isn't a rant against you, ROC, it's just generalized malaise rearing its ugly gourd.

Taken. I thought, in one sense, we were agreeing with each other. That this wont get better before it gets a whole lot worse.

I have other concerns

My primary concern now is my son and by a simple trick of imagination, I see the suffering of those children in a new and horrible light. And the suffering of mourning parents.

I can understand becoming numb to all this, but I'm not there. Not yet. It still fills me with rage and disgust.

Maybe you are better off. I don't have any bloody answers.
All we can do is pray for the victims and hope Jesus finally gets through to those fanatics.

I don't mean to be distasteful. I see humor as an anti-depressant. It is ironic that they try to gain salvation in the (most likely) imaginary afterlife by creating hell on the (most likely) very real Earth.

I couldn't figure out how to edit. I just want everyone to know that violence disturbs me very much. If I offended anyone it was not my intention. I seem to distance myself from things in a way that belies my sensitivity. Now I sound like an asshole. Great.
mikeypants said:
I couldn't figure out how to edit.

That's a feature of your brain whereby it stops and contemplates before the mouth (or fingers) shoot off.

It's a built in feature; no extra charge.

I doubt anyone would be offended by your tongue in cheek remark - not around here.

The multiple posts within minutes are a bit annoying though. :cool:
All grim jokes aside, I wonder if the Giant Mosque of Samarra still stands? That thing was/is amazing. One of the great antiquities of the world. So much for Mesopotamia...dammit, if it ain't strip malls it's IED's!

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