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If you have ever typed a response to a post here but hit the wrong key or gone out for a massage before posting and had your brilliant contribution LOST to the evil gods of forumville, I have a present for you: the Lazarus form recovery plugin for the Firefox browser.

This little monster works on any text input field, not just forums. If you somehow lose your typing, just go back to the box you typed in, right click, and there is a "recover text" option.
just used this for the first time. I was leaving a long and boring comment on a friends blog, had to wander away from the computer to look at shiny things for awhile, and when I came back the comment was gone.

hit the cross, and there it was!

that's a long way of saying it works.
I thought so. Well, if what I had to say was essential, it will resurface, or be resurrected.
but it will probably stay where it is, in limbo.

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