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Thanks Ambreen for shareing the pic !

The german journalist Gundolf S. Freyermuth mentioned the shirt in his book "That's It." A Final Visit With Charles Bukowski.

I searched in the internet for many times but never found the pic, so thanks again.
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I've finally found it again, + another one:

Mr. Brownstone
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Pretty tied up
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This one has a moderator at the end talking about Bukowski being on the shirt.

This is new to me. My mom actually attended Fairfax High with 3 of the 4 original members of the RHCP. Their music also introduced me to Buk back in 91, but someone on wikipedia wrote about Anthony Keidis: "As his musical tastes expanded and his outlook on life changed, and he matured, he began writing songs about a wider spectrum of subjects, his main literary influence is Charles Bukowski who touches on many of the similar issues and like Bukowski, Kiedis focuses on life in the city of Los Angeles and the state of California.[6]" The reference points to Anthony's auto-biography Scar Tissue as the source. I think I've read it twice, but now will have to re-read it to see if he actually mentions Buk, but I really don't think he did. Anyway, just saying and in any event, Anthony Keidis rocks as do the Chili Peppers!
It's not a band but I wouldn't create a new thread for that.

I have just heard about an upcoming French horror movie entitled La meute (The pack) in which one character, a retired cop, is called Chinaski.
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That does bring up a question, though there probably is not enough movies that make mention of Bukowski? Right now, all I can think about is Swingers with Vince Vaughn, where one shot in the film clearly shows Buks "Hollywood" novel near Mike's answering machine.
I placed Love Is A Dog From Hell in a Demi Moore movie (or got someone to place it), but I didn't work in props. I made ball gowns.
"It's Not How Far you Fall, It's The Way You Land" by Soulsavers. There's a quote from "Factotum" somewhere in the booklet...
It's on the back cover of the booklet. I listened out for any Buk references in the songs but can't hear any. There's also a song called 'Ask the Dust' and a nice cover of Neil Young's 'Through my Sails' on that album. :smile:
i wish i could post this song somehow so you all could hear.
it's a bukowski writing, reworked into a song.

The artist is Buck 65 - and the song is called: The Floor.

i hope you all find a chance to hear it somehow.
i think he did an amazing job.

What's the amazing part? That he reads a Bukowski poem like a kid hiding in the bathroom hoping his mom won't hear him? Or that he ripped off Satie's Gymnopedies?
My band stole three of our song titles from Buk.... Scream When You Burn, Beerspit Night of Cursing and Blue Stardust Jack-off.
Since you admit your crimes and throw yourself on the mercy of the court...
somebody somewhere probably forgives you. Ha !

and there are worse sources to borrow from too - what the hell
THE SONG:,std_782e4d15d32645f6bd3de0b61ed78078 . . .couldn't find a non live version on youtube so hopefully this works.

Sustained by madness. Sustained by Darkness. Heroes and Fuck-ups bounding through time. I sit alone. I raise a strong drink. To your songs. Your words in think black ink. And lives lived. Not fairy tales but flesh and blood.
Rimbaud on the Red Sea. Strummer in the slum. Plath at her daddy's grave. Hunter with his gun.
These Punks. These Cowards.
These Mad Dogs of Glory.
Bukowski on a binge in the streets of L.A. Those who lived hard cause they could see no other way. Push a little towards me.
These Mad Dogs of Glory.
What you were born to be. What you become. And what is left of a man when his work is done. It's hard to imagine. It's hard to conceive. Your abuse. Your failures. Your boredom. Your years of uncertainty. Too Human. All Too Human. This Breathing in and out. Breathe in. Breathe Out.
Miller in the tropics. Lorca murdered in the street. Richey at the Severn Bridge feeling incomplete.
From here to eternity.
These Mad Dogs of Glory.
An orpahn who spoke the silent language of love. A victim of an American witch hunt. A victim of his times.
These Mad Dogs of Glory.
Sustained by Madness. Sustained by Darkness.
Push a little bit of light towards me.
These Mad Dogs of Glory

I really respect the work of both Modern Life is War & Bukowski so I really dig this song & thought I'd share it with you all.
First post! A few more Buk references in DOOM material:
1) He has a song called "All Outta Ale" which has a Buk sample from a reading at the track into. I believe he took the sample from the famous Buk documentary (the name escapes me). "One more beer and I'll take you all on- all of you!"
Funny thing I had heard that song a million times but it wasn't until I re-watched that doc that I realized it was Buk.

2) There is a song called "People, Places and Things" on Prince Paul's Politics of the Business album. It is the last track. DOOM is featured on it, he raps, "...Cool Hand Luke/ Who dropped a jewel and influenced the youth like Buk".

I had a hell of a time googling those lyrics so I sort of guessed them from memory. Great tunes if you're into hip hop and don't know DOOM or Prince Paul, you should def. ch-ch-ch-check it out. Peace...
band called Hank & Cupcakes doing a bad cover of a good song while the lead singer reads Women:

Mesmerizingly bland and unmemorable. You know, 99 times out of 100 a cute bob haircut with undershaved sides will redeem something like this, but sadly, it didn't this time.
City & Colour has a record called Bring Me Your Love.
I have this record to thank for helping me discover who Bukowski was.

Trying to compile a list. Here is what I have so far:

Hot Water Music (band)
Bring Me Your Love (record by City & Colour)
Bone Palace Ballet (record by Chiodos)
War All The Time (record by Thursday)

What else do you have?!
Ignorant to deny, edit/delete how a specific band dropped Bukowski's name or reference his stuff because they have a vendetta against 311 or to what you call "kiddie rock". If they didn't "reference his stuff" then I must obviously be as wrong as you claim me to be... Messengers don't like being shot...

You were right to begin with... lyrics from "Stealing Happy Hours" references Bukowski pretty blatantly:

"You make me feel like Hank Chinaski
In war all the time war (war) war all the time"
Maybe I'm crazy, but I prefer that to the latest Mopey Mouse or Fubu Foxes pop song dropping that shoehorns some Bukowski reference into it.
Maybe I'm crazy, [...]
of course you are. Everybody knows.

but - NO! Even if this guy would stop raising his voice in such a pathetic way, even then this couldn't be okay or even bearable.

The Tango-music itself is nice, yes.
what about South African rap? it's worth a giggle or two...


(sorry to go off topic...)
I was going to say that Hip Hop has to be done by Americans, but then I remembered that it was born in Jamaica, so I had to scratch that whole angle.

Carry on.

Think this guy named his cat after Chinaski and then it died wich lead him to make this track.
So the reference is far fetched and the music gives headache but at least it adds to the collection.

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