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Metallica is way over rated today. Back in their hayday, the first 4 albums, unstoppable great metal. These guys should have packed it in when Cliff died or at least after their "and Justice for All" release. Don't know what people see in them today ? Slayer has gone from strength to strength as far as metal goes, still under rated.

Don't know how anyone could say Pink Floyd is over rated ??!! Wish You Were Here, Dark Side of the Moon, Animals... flawless masterpieces, timeless. My favorite band.

... Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin were pioneers = brilliant stuff. Don't see how anyone can say they are over rated either. The 70s overall was the Renaissance for most of today's music.
Yea, I've seen Metallica live, mostly in clubs when I lived in the San Francisco bay area many years ago. This was at the time when bands like Slayer, Exodus and the like were coming to the fore. One of the best Metallica shows I was privy to was at the Keystone Palo Alto on their Ride the Lightening tour. My friend's band opened for them that evening which made it extra special. It was great to be there during that exciting time in the 80s... Yea, I have seen footage of them in later years but just not the same. Slayer has gotten better with each album and better live. Probably the only death metal band from that era that has.

Anyway, yes, I've seen Metalica live numerous times and prefer to keep those fond memories rather than ruin them by seeing them today and walking away disappointed in comparison.

Thanks for bringing back all those memories though. I think I'll go put on Dark Side of the Moon now... A little older / more mellow these days...


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I've seen Metallica live 3x. Every single time one of the other bands on the bill wiped the stage with Metallica's asses....

The three bands....

Faith No More
Guns N' Roses

The argument could go on forever, but I wont concede, I actually thought Metallica might be afraid to come on once koRn was done. This was back in 95-96? when koRn was 10X the band they are now.
Hmm. Metallica, never my cup of tea, never saw them live - but Kirk Hammet's appearance on Septic Death's Kichigai single was cool. Good guitar solo.

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