Bands that drop Bukowski's name or reference his work...

Yep, I saw that one too...Ol' Cool Tony also did a program about Tangiers and Burroughs...With those shades, he's a pretty cool cat. I'm surprised about what CNN lets him get away with, though there are lots of "bleeps"...Oh, and also one in Montana where he cooked with Jim Harrison...

Which makes me ask the question, does anyone know what reading this is from? That'd probably be hard to tell. I'm reading The Roominghouse Madrigals now and the version in my book is different than this reading.

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Not my cup o' tea but this new track samples Bukowski reading 'The Genius of the Crowd' (right at the end, from about 3:20)

Uniform - The Killing of America



Sad Flower in the Sand
Greg Proops, being a comedian currently based in Los Angeles, name drops Bukowski and Fante from time to time. In a video special from Musso's, he referred to Buk and said, "No one knows what poetry is here in Hollywood because it isn't printed on money."
In the track six, walking in the snow, of their new album, Killer Mike mentions Buk.
Thought it was an interesting fact, just to let you know, fuckers.

"[...] I promise I'm honest, they coming for you
The day after they comin' for me
I'm readin' Chomsky, I read Bukowski
I'm layin' low for a week [...]"

I'm talking of Run the Jewels, by the way. RTJ4 is the album.