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I'm here because reading Bukowski somehow leaves me knowing that I am a part of something bigger than myself. I am left connected.

I identify with his cynicism. Human beings can be pieces of shit far more often than my younger self could have imagined. We have the capacity to consciously bring pain and destruction to others, and to ourselves, and quiet our guilt through justification. It doesn't need to be valid, or even logical at this juncture of human existence. We throw what amounts to personal propaganda at ourselves and others, over and over and over again, until it becomes belief. Then we cause harm in the name of that belief, even though it's based on a lie that someone told us enough times to wear is down. We're tired, so we let the propagandists do our thinking for us, which leads to group think. That's where we are today. Maybe it's where we've always been.

I identify, as well, with his capacity to keep his eyes wide open, as to not miss what is beautiful in the world, because it's guaranteed that somewhere around us, somewhere nearby, there is beauty. "Be on the watch." He throws ugliness at us, then stops, and says, "There's a garden nearby. Sometimes it's glorious. Sometimes it's hideous, when the hooligans have torn it apart. They can be cruel like that. Check it out, though. Sometimes it's glorious."

Walk through the junkyards. There is something beautiful waiting for you in one of them. May be the first. May be the last. Keep walking.
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