Black Rabbit by Nicole Hennessy - Book bound by me (1 Viewer)
I just printed a book for Nicole Hennessy in Cleveland under her press imprint. The insides are perfect bound/offset, but the cover is letterpress printed. The title is Black Rabbit. It is a book about poet Tom Kryss. 48 pp, 6" x 7". Perfect bound. Text is printed offset, with letterpress printed dust jacket. Limited to an edition of 100 copies.

The price is $12 ppd from her. Her email/paypal is nicohenness at I don't have any extra copies to sell.

This is published by Side Effects Publishing out of Cleveland Ohio, not Bottle of Smoke Press.



Don't see how you could go wrong with a book about Tom Kryss printed by Bill Roberts. Just ordered mines on paypal.

BLACK RABBIT - What a treat. On so many levels. Elegantly printed by Bill Roberts, a story about how the author publisher Nicole Hennessey met Tom Kryss and what he told her about the sixties Cleveland and d.a. levy and black rabbit press, profusely illustrated by said black rabbits and other things drawn by Tom.

Artifact, history, poetry, printing. Black and white, letterpress and digital.

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