BoSP Book by Father Luke

throw a gun on the casket.

What a good piece. I like this style of writing Padre. Very descriptive in the right places and in the right amounts. Also liked 'lady next door'.

To be honest my first impression was that this guy is embellishing. But on subsequent readings I think your on the 'up and up' and I'm a fan. I grew up on the brooklyn water front (before it was fashionable) with a seedy gogo bar out my front window. What a theater I had!

I can smell bullshit a mile away, and this isn't it.

Nice padre, I look forward to more.



Usually wrong.

the fact that these editions have sold out is a testament to your excellence as an editor and publisher. Some of my own funky little self-published chapbooks took thirty years to sell out, and truth be told, I gave half of them away.


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CONGRATS! i'm so glad to have gotten FL's book before it sold out. unfortunatley not the HC, but hey, soft is better than none. it holds a special place on my book shelves. any plans for another? sure hope so!!
I sold all but the last 10 or so very quickly (with a week or 2). Then there was a pause and last week a bunch of orders came in. I'm sure that I will now get e-mails from folks wanting to know where they can find a copy....
Some of the last few paper copies were signed by Father Luke in Bird & Beckett when we were there. Some of the last folks that got copies got pretty cool ones....


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I'm sure that I will now get e-mails from folks wanting to know where they can find a copy....
Something tells me you'll soon be able to search eBay for "Bottle of Smoke" and find more than Pogues albums (or toy train parts? wtf?)...
I wish. My dream is to go into a little hole-in-the-wall bookstore that does not buy from me and find a copy on the shelf. That would be very cool. As it is, there are not many bookstores that are interested in carrying my stuff. Ask Jorday, he witnessed it first hand and was not there to see me get completely get snubbed by Moe's. That was very painful. Made me feel like a panhandler.



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Good idea, Father Luke! - I'll order a hard copy!
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i'd love to see a BoSP MJP book... put me down for one of the hardcovers!

as far as getting snubbed by moe's- that sucked. i wanted to smack that guy's bald head for grousing about "security" (meaning that people would lift individual broadsides)... that's what the window display is for your moron! it kind of made me like moe's a lot less. although i wonder if they would have taken the signed ones up at more moe's.
You missed the true FU that I got the next day when Owen told me that he is not the one to talk to about Small Press stuff. I guess that he did not realize that I knew that he is exactly the right person to talk to about small press stuff. It is one thing to say that they are not interested. Quite another to treat me like an idiot.

Yep, I sold to exactly one person while in CA and that person was sitting with me in a coffee shop in Berkley.

mjp has never sent me a submission.....

If interested, he should send some stuff. I have liked what I have read that others have published...



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christ MJP, he's HANDING YOU a book! don't strike a gift horse in the mouth while the iron is hot or something or other.


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i will add my two cents here and say that i would most definitely like to see a special BoSP hardcover from mjp.

feeling pressured yet, mjp??


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Honestly, I haven't sent anything to Bill because we work closely on another project and I didn't want him to feel beholden to throw something my way just because we are compadres.

I don't say that to cast any doubt on the others he has published and also works with. I know as an editor he has standards and he doesn't drop them to scratch anyone's back or curry favor.

It's just one of the many weird things I have in my brain.

Having said that...maybe I'll send something anonymously, from a p.o. box. ;)


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Now some smart ass will send some of their work from a So Cal PO Box and Bill will publish it.
Well, he'll only publish it if he likes it, and that's the point. I don't think it matters where it comes from.

what's the zip code for So Cal?
just wondering, no reason...
According to the always accurate wikipedia, "Southern California has 647 zip codes in its seven counties."

Good luck!
Yeah, I hear where mjp is coming from. There is not as much a danger of me publishing him because I consider him a friend as there would be talk of that being the reason. Still, I have said before and meant it that I really liked what I have read.

So, will there be a BoSP/mjp book. Maybe. Maybe not.

Even if I accepted a book for publiication today, it would be a while before I could get caught up enough to actually do it. I have a bad habit of accepting things for publication that I cannot possibly do soon enough.

If this makes sense.

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