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This one is not from BoSP, but was for Sore Dove Press. Limited to an edition of 50 copies in wraps and 26 hardcovers (with original art by Jack). The guts are letterpress printed. The cover is letterpress printed and then I airbrushed the covers using stencils, found items and my own hands.



The Full Edition

My hand....

I will probably have some for sale at some point, or contact the publisher.

I used airbrush paint (it was packaged as airbrush paint). It is a waterbased paint, but dries very fast. I got an airbrush for this project, but plan on using it again for another one in the future. I know that you can mix your own, but I did not mess with that on this project.

You're supposed to take that ring off when you paint or cheat.
Women love men with wedding bands and men with paint under their nails. It is my personality and disturbing looks that turns them off!

An elaborate ruse to make the fingernails of your left hand red! Just put the polish on them, we'll understand.

That is an impressive looking stack of work.
Nice covers, Bill. I knew a guy who painted his nails and let me tell you, he was very creepy. Some bad stuff going on in his world involving construction workers and baseball bats, videogame parlors and large amounts of cash. You don't want to go there, Bill.
Jack signed the books and they are on their way to me. I should have a photo of him signing that I can post here as soon as I get it.

Hey There,

I have received my copies and have some for sale, if anyone here is interested. Here are the photos:

The price is $75 for a signed lettered hardback with artwork by Hirschman ($65 for my friends at, including shipping) or $25 for a signed numbered paper copy ($20 including shipping for my friends.)

Anyone interested can pick their cover.

This is a single poem chapbook, entirely letterpress printed.

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