Plunging headlong into eternal darkness, aka: forum update (1 Viewer)

[...] modern standards. So they got rid of things like tables [...]

Yeah, I've heared about such things as "modern standards". Somewhere.
If you look at the 2010-version of the Bukowski-Society-Site, you will see, that I still use Tables. I don't know shit about css or other things. (Well, I 'know' about them, but haven't learned to handle 'em.)

At least I gave up the even more out-of-date 'frame'-structure that we had before the update.

But a year from now I doubt any of these changes will have mattered much. It's just a matter of getting used to it.

Less than a year.
One always gets used to it.
It's like living in a dictatorship. THEY say, what will come next and you'll have to swallow it or die. I even got used to the goddamn latest MS-Office and now they come up with a new one. And I will get to cope with that one too. But I will never understand it. In the old days, it was possible (and made sense) to UNDERSTAND a program. These days are gone.

The photo of Buk looks somehow more...shall we say "dashing" in this version! Good work mjp! I'll be sending you my measurments for the track suit. No need for rush delivery. My hair appointment isn't untill next week.......

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