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Hi. I just watched Born Into This, and was struck by Bukowski's (voice-over) reading of what I presume was one of his poems. It had the phrase "born into this" several times in it, and I am now looking for that poem. I did a search for the phrase on this website, but it turned up no matches, so... it comes from a poem of a different name? Could someone tell me what book I could find this poem in?

Thank you very much!

Hi audsquad,
"dinosauria, we" is the name of the poem. It was published in "In The Shadow of The Rose", "Last Night of Earth Poems", "Run With The Hunted".

An excellent poem....


p.s. It was also published in "Heat Wave", if you have $1000 burning a hole in your pocket....
And I'm pretty sure that the voice over versions of "dinosauria, we" and "the genius of the crowd" are taken from the "Run with the hunted" sessions, recorded in 1993 and available as an abridged cassette or on the "Uncensored" (read unedited) CD from Harper Collins. So if you'd like to hear him read the full poem, thats where to look.

On the "Uncensored" CD (actually 2 CDs), Bukowski also reads

  • consummation of grief
  • the soldier, his wife and the bum
  • The Genius of the Crowd
  • The Genius of the Crowd (alternate take)
  • rain
  • a radio with guts
  • the poetry reading
  • short order
  • the strongest of the strange
  • the last days of the suicide kid
  • Friendly Advice to a Lot of Young Men
  • the most
  • the mockingbird
  • the proud thin dying
  • helping the old
  • confession
  • fan letter
  • art
  • are you drinking?
  • Dinosauria, we
  • Luck
  • Luck (alternate take)

  • you know and I know and thee know
  • Less Delicate Than the Locust (false start)
  • Less Delicate Than the Locust
  • excerpt from Ham On Rye (1982) -
  • we ain?t got no money, honey, but we got rain

Plus Bukowski talks about his experiences in France, computers vs. the typewriter, his novel Pulp, Ezra Pound, John Fante, and other assorted things.
This doesn't deserve its own thread but... "BIT" on region 1 dvd for a region 2 player/pc. Ow! Tantalus doesn't have anything on me right now. More technologically minded members, any ideas on how I can make my player region free (and if there might be any risks involved in doing so)?


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