Brand new Forgery on Ebay (1 Viewer)

This belated response to your Feb. post re forger's at work on your copy of BURNING, etc. should ease your fears. Buk signed this for me personally and I can attest to his use of those big swooping loops for the letter "B".
Yeah, I think we all said yours looked genuine.

Trust me, when you see some of these fakes, you'll be chiming in with us. ;)
Don't know about that second one, but I'm almost certain that the first one really was signed by Chcles Bukseki. I'm almost sure of it.
Yeah. Those are what we mean by "BAD". These are the kind of things that would be all over ebay if not for the members of this forum shutting them down.

Of course, this one will probably need to be dealt with by our Italian members...

All you need is the item number to make a complaint. The link is somewhere in the spotlight thread I think...

Those are laughable.
file a formal complaint and spend time doing it so that ebay can ignore it....

I have found that a good "convincing" does much better....

Remember the time that a few of us filed complaints on an item and they still ignored it.

Cahoots. Cahoots, I tells ya!


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