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BSP Bukowski Pin/Button (1 Viewer)


35 bucks down the drain.


Wondering if these have shipped yet. Also, I wanted to
express some concern that the pinbacks were not in fact
released from BSP as described in the auction details. Upon
winning this auction, I have learned that BSP only put out
one pinback for Bukowski that displayed artwork from R Crumb
(my source may be wrong). I will admit that this fact was a
huge factor in me participating in this auction --as the
poster sells for $8 on abebooks.com Just wanted to know if
you may be able to offer any information on how you arrived
at these pins being from BSP.


Please let us know if you get a reply. The auction was in error. I'm almost 100% sure that these were made up in someone's house using a home button maker. They are almost certainly not Black Sparrow and are probably not official anything.

His reply: Hello PrimaryDisorder, I included Delivery Confirmation on the order, and the delivery info shows it's been delivered today, so it must have arrived after you contacted me the first time. Thanks, GRAPHXFAN

My Response: Thank you. These are likely at the postal counter in my apartment building.

May you provide some input regarding my other questions in my mail? My concern is that the pinbacks are not official Black Sparrow Press releases, and therefore are not officially licensed. This is contrary to what was indicated by you in the auction description.

"Also included are a set of (6) promotional pinbacks put out by Black Sparrow Press during the 1990's, which feature images of the author or titles of his books."

At this point, I am inclined to return these items to you with a full refund credited to my account --as I feel the item's description did not accurately describe the items being sold.

I'm not too eBay savvy and have only made around 8 or so purchases. Is this grounds for a refund in anyone's eyes? I mean, at root level the claim in the description was quite misleading. I wont be able to inspect the buttons for any markings until I get home from the office today --but I am inclined to go with this site's collective knowledge of these types of things.
eBay/PayPal won't side with you in a dispute. They'll say you should have asked questions while the auction was ongoing, then you could have canceled your bid if you didn't like the answers.

But it's up to the seller, really. If he says 'no' you aren't likely to have much recourse. You'll spend way more than $35 worth of time pursuing it, I think.
do not leave feedback until you get a refund. The last thing that you want to do is return the stuff, not get a refund and then realize that you have already given good feedback. If he makes good on his promise, give him great feedback. If he fucks you leave bad feedback. It is all that you have to bargain with. Plus, he would be a fool to risk bad feedback when you are right and it is only $33....

Sellers can't give buyers negative feedback anymore, so there's no risk of retaliation. But if the guy is refunding, it's all good.
So I got an answer from the seller on the pins. I found this message in my eBay inbox at the same time I was going to message him to let him know the shipment is on it's way back to him. My wife just mailed it this morning.

To answer your second question, I have this set on consignment from a previous delivery driver for Black Sparrow Press, and he claims these were handed out to him by the sales dept. during one of their promotions, so that's all the backgrund info I have for you there.

Maybe someone can provide some insight on whether or not this could possibly be the case? I suppose either way it doesnt matter since it is on its way back to him --but still, I am curious on whether or not I just shot myself in the foot....again.
Where is the BSP logo or trademark? Black Sparrow did not promote Bukowski without also promoting Black Sparrow at the same time (understandably). Nor would any professional designer make a button out of a rectangular picture leaving a white background. Those look like a million other bootleg buttons sold on eBay. You didn't throw away anything rare or valuable.
yeah, sounds like friend of a friend provenance, which is the most unreliable provenance that there is. In fact, it is worse than no provenance at all, as it is almost completely made up and almost guarantees that a piece is NOT authentic.


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