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Bukowski -- BSP et al (1 Viewer)

Villiers specialized in small-press publications and was used to dealing with controversial materials. They only agreed to print Howl on the condition that certain words be replaced by asterisks in the text. Apparently Ferlinghetti only reluctantly agreed.

It was not the first time Ferlinghjetti had used the Villiers Press. Poems of Humor & Protest by Kenneth Patchen (#3 in the Pocket Poets Series - Howl was #4) was also typeset and printed by Villiers. It was published on July 1, 1956, about three months prior to the publication of Howl.

The first printing of Howl arrived in SF in Oct 56 without accident, while 520 copies of the second printing was seized by US customs in March 1957 and the battle began . . .

Oh and would I be correct in thinking that the new titles pamphlets are $25 a piece?

I was thinking $25 for the lot, but would be happy to take $25 each... I didn't look through them all, but assume that many have Bukowski titles mentioned. I think I have some dups too, so if there's any interest...
Here's what's left of the list.

Bukowski, Charles. BEERSPIT NIGHT AND CURSING (Santa Rosa: Black Sparrow Press, 2001) first edition, #489/500 copies, serigraph print bound in. Fine. $50

Bukowski, Charles. Dangling in the Tournefortia (Santa Rosa: Black Sparrow Press, 1981) first edition, hardcover, #178/350, signed. Fine (Krumhansl #71c). $250

Bukowski, Charles. Factotum (London: W.H. Allen, 1981) first British edition, hardcover. Fine. $40

Bukowski, Charles. Going Modern (Fremont, CA: Ruddy Duck Press, 1984) first edition, stapled wrappers, 1/500 unnumbered, comprises Vol.3, No.2, a special chapbook issue of ORO MADRE magazine, Bukowski poems: ENDURANCE"”THE OLD HELPING THE OLD"”SEE:ENDING"”THE IMPROBABLE PROBABILITY"”GARBAGE"”GOING MODERN. Fine (Krumhansl #92). $20

Bukowski, Charles. Horsemeat (Santa Barbara: Black Sparrow Press, 1982) first edition, hardcover, #60/125, signed by Bukowski and Michael Montfort, 20 original photographs hand-mounted throughout and one on front cover. Fine (Krumhansl #76). $1600

Bukowski, Charles. Horsemeat (Muich: Albrecht Knaus 1987) first edition thus, hardcover, German-language edition. Fine (see Krumhansl #76). $50

Bukowski, Charles. Hot Water Music (Tokyo: Shinjuku Shobo Co., 1993) first Japanese-language edition, hardcover. Fine. $35

Bukowski, Charles, and Linda King. Me and Your Sometimes Love Poems (Phoenix: Purring Press, 1999) third edition, stapled wrappers, #56/100, signed and dated by Linda King. Fine (see Krumhansl #42). $50

Bukowski, Charles. Poems Written Before Jumping Out of an 8 Story Window (Salt Lake City: Litmus, 1968) 3rd printing, paperback. Very Good (see Krumhansl #28). $150

Bukowski, Charles. Pulp (Santa Rosa: Black Sparrow Press, 1994) first edition, hardcover, #178/300, signed, serigraph print bound in, contains original BSP invoice. Fine (Krumhansl #139c) $250

Bukowski, Charles. Screams from the Balcony: Selected Letters 1960-1970 (Santa Rosa: Black Sparrow Press, 1993) first edition, hardcover, 1/735, Fine (Krumhansl #137b). $60

Bukowski, Charles. Septuagenarian Stew: Stories & Poems (Santa Rosa: Black Sparrow Press, 1990) first edition, hardcover, #181/225, signed, signed silkscreen print bound in. Fine (Krumhansl #114d) $350

Bukowski, Charles. Three by Bukowski (Santa Rosa: Black Sparrow Press, 1992) first edition, hardcover, trade issue 1/103. Fine (Krumhansl #131b) $150

Bukowski, Charles. Women (Tokyo: 1992) first Japanese-language edition, hardcover, two volumes. Fine. $40
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