"Bukowski" acryl on linen 50 x 80 cm (1 Viewer)


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
I have an artist friend, and I think everybody is jealous of artistic people. I know I am. I think the work is good. Well done, I'm jealous..again.

Drew Friedman's Bukowski Portrait: "This is my newly completed portrait of Charles Bukowski, who I never met, although I illustrated a series of his short stories ("Notes of a Dirty Old Man") for High Times magazine in 1993 when he had (briefly) become a regular contributer."

Think he means 1983.

The new portrait is a much better likeness. Here's one of his illustrations from High Times Jan 84 issue:

Not bad at all for a Bukowski caricature. The head alone is pretty much spot on, but when placed on a small body with big hands (Buk said he had small hands) it becomes a caricature. He did have a large head, but not that large. :D

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