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mjp, I was curious. Would it be possible to set up a chat room on buk.net?

It would be a good way for users that are currently online to chat directly with other users ya know, just right on the spot.

It's just a thought. Maybe lots of people would be interested and this topic might have already come up in another thread but if it has, I surly couldnt come across it.

Guys, let us know what you think.

BUK.NET CHAT ROOM? I'm all for it.

Is it possible???

I'm in favor. I'm guessing others might be, too.
But would it be a technological pain-in-the-ass for mjp ?
Ahh....this is the question...
A chat room? That's pretty pomo :D

If you like to chat via instant messenger you can add your msn, yahoo, AIM, skype or ICQ details to your profile.
A chat room? That's pretty pomo :D
Ha ha - well, I don't see it happening for a couple of reasons. First, there isn't really a good (free) web-based chat program. You kind of need to run an IRC-based chat server with a graphic interface on top of it to have chat that isn't choppy and jerky and lame. And running such a server comes complete with a barrel of ugly problems I won't bore you with.

Secondly, I don't think this user base is large enough to support a chat area. I have tried it in the past on other sites with larger populations than this one, and when I'd look at the logs all I would see was hundreds of lines of:

Anybody here?
Anybody here?
I'm here, what up?
Nothing. Just seeing who's here.
Anybody here?
Anybody here?

So I'm not sure it would be worth the effort even if the technological issues didn't exist.
Pick up the pace? There's an average of 75 posts a day (172 on September 28, 145 on the 29th) that's plenty. I would rather see a small number of Bukowski posts than thousands of posts about records or movies. Nothing wrong with talking about records or movies, I'm just saying.

Threads die, they have to. There's nothing "stale" here. People revive them when it makes sense to revive them. That's why we don't lock all the old threads.
I would like to have a Bukowski Dating Chat Room where we could pretend to be girls and pick each other up. The two or three girls who belong could join in, too.
I'm reminded of his old animation: Chatroom. (click the Watch this Movie! link there.)
I may be premature (how embaressing) in announcing this-but the Bukowski Dating Chat Room will soon be a reality and for only 4.99 for five minutes (American currency) you will be able to log on to delightful and willing females (or a facsimile of of such) who will cater to you're every need. Dont wait or hesitate, erotic pleasures of the senses await you. Major credit cards excepted.
I would'nt be surprised if someone used Buk's name in a telephone sex service or dating website...
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He-he, no, unfortunately! - I meant somebody using the name in creating a telephone sex service or dating service. Perhaps calling it something like, " The Bukowski Dating Room", or, "Welcome to Bukowski's Chicks! Bukowski's Chicks telephone service will satisfy your every wish! All major creditcards accepted".
Something along those lines...:D

(Damn! I just gave a great business idea away)
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