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He dabbled in seaweed, snails and octopi prior to his divorce to Barbara. Fried in golden butter.

Not sure if he ever repeated the menu.
Rumour has it he was partial to the odd vol-au-vent. Hardly "health food," is it? We all have our guilty pleasures, I suppose.
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Here's what MARINA said, when she was visiting us in Germany in 2016:

"Sometimes we would go to his apartment and I loved having him cook for me. He usually would make steak and lima beans, so those became my favorite foods. Most kids I knew hated lima beans, but I loved them, because that was, what he made for me.
He would make fried eggs for breakfast or lunch. I would always eat the whites and give him the yolks. He would say: How can you do that? The yolk is the best part!, but I wasn't convinced."
An LA Times article from 1987 says he was eating a lot of fish at that point. And expensive wine. I have to think, though, that he had hotdogs at the race track.

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