Bukowski tattoos

I want to show you my new tattoo inspired by bukowski

I have A LOT of tattoos.
Unsure if I'd ever get a portrait or quote from any authors. The only quote I have is from my best friend and then I have lots of other words tattooed on me.
Bukowski might change this.
Yup, it says under the picture "one more session when it heals", so he can do more shadings or what ever he thinks that it needs. The tattoo is about 20 by 20 centimetres (at collar). Well it would cost 350 euros, or 500 dollars, but he has done one more big tattoo one on my other leg so I paid 300 euros.


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That's a big tattoo alright. I like the reddish shading he's used. $500 is a fair price for such a well done tattoo, I think. We have often seen tattoos of Buk here, where the likeness is not that good, but yours is one of the best I've seen, what likeness is concerned. Absolutely first class!
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In Serbia, as it was in former Yugoslavia, Bukowski is as important or more, than Hemingway. Out of ten randomly selected people 2-3 would have known about Bukowski.

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For my third leg, I would have chosen a different tattoo. But, that's just me! :)
But, it is a nice tattoo!
If you were my boyfriend and I didn't know Bukowski, I would have serious doubts about your character!:wb:
Hello! I finally joined the site to show off my Bukowski tattoo. Also, I was whoreish and managed to get it done for free- I think Papa Bukowski would approve!

Jennifer, you have demonstrated an impressive commitment to... something. I wonder what Buk would have thought if he had encountered girls with such tattoos. Would have made Women a slightly different book.
Did Buk mention tattoos at all? (In his writing.)
Something I'm curious about forum wise. Anyone who posts with their own personal picture as their avatar (that is a pic of themselves) never sticks around. I've noticed this time and time again. Why is that?

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Very nice Jennifer. But then I'm always a sucker for a naked nubile on a Sunday morning. :eek:


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I must be getting old, it took me a minute to figure out just what part of Miss Jennifer I was looking at there.

Anyone who posts with their own personal picture as their avatar (that is a pic of themselves) never sticks around. Why is that?
That does seem to hold true, doesn't it.

You could be the first to break that trend. Go for it. Be a man (assuming you are a man, sorry to assume, who knows, you won't put a picture of yourself up...).

I would use a picture of myself, but I know all you bitches would be jealous and make catty remarks and try to hurt my feelings.


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I think it's all my fault. I called Jennifer a whore, only because she called herself whore-ish. it was a joke. I never call a woman a whore unless they ask me to. or if I pay them for sex. but I don't really have a lot of money, so it's mostly if they ask me to call them a whore. confused? me too.

so, Jennifer, if you come back, I don't have a lot of money so I can't pay you for sex. the only way I can call you whore is if you ask me to. all clear? boundaries set? yes?

good. we're all Fonzie here.
Hi, I did not run away- I'm just not attached to my computer.
And I was trying to not show all the goods in my picture!
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