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Here's how it appears at the end of "how is your heart?" from 'You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense'.

what matters most is
how well you
walk through the

BTW I tried to scan the back cover of "What Matters Most..." but my scanner is on the blink. The image on the back cover is a billboard, I think one of the poets-anonymous ones, with the above excerpt.
In guess the typescript will also depend on where you want your tattoo done. I think the sentence can look pretty neat if tattooed on the top of your back (that's my opinion only, of course).

Will you post a picture of the finished work please?
I believe all tatoos to be by and large an ERROR!

All tatoos should be put on your bedroom WALL!

but, who cares what i believe?
tattoos, perhaps?


Now's a very good time in history to get a tattoo, much better than it was 2 years ago. Because now tattoo artists have Freedom-2, an ink that makes removing an unwanted tattoo alot easier than it's ever been.

What the hell was that tattooed on that man's hand? I couldn't make it out. I lasted 4 minutes. That was a boring piece of shit video. Bad lighting, bad camera work. Youtube annoys the shit out of me. Everyone thinks their life is so exciting that every move they make should be documented and posted on-line.


Yeah i agree with your opinion you must have the eyes of a falcon to see Buk`s head on the hand !
Any update or
Pics of This?

Any tattoo shop will have a sample of many different fonts to choose from, just bring them the text. Don't dictate it, print it out and bring them a copy. A misquote would suck.

I finally got started on getting my Bukowski tattoos. I plan on getting a half-sleeve eventually. Probably after college, if and when I have the money.

Some of you may know there's a band named Hot Water Music, well I got a tattoo of their logo on my ribs, because Hot Water Music was the first thing that I ever read by Bukowski. I picked the color scheme though. The copy of HWM that I have, has these great reds blues and yellows, so I kind of went with that.

Due to the location of the tattoo, it's hard to really get a good picture that wouldn't be considered NSFW but I did the best I could.



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i don't know, off the top of my head, and late for work, what NSFW means,
but i like that you placed an important tattoo for you next to your heart.

have a nice day,
NSFW (not suitable for work) as in, if you were in an office it would be bad to look at.

And that is exactly why I got it on my ribs, so that it would be close to my heart. Left side and everything.

That's very colorful. What exactly does the logo mean? HWM has been around a long time come to think of it. I forgot about them. Were they hardcore?

I was curious about that logo because I could piece together the flame and the water, but I didn't understand what the music symbol might be. So I looked around online a little. The HWM logo's that I've seen all have the word 'music' written under the symbols. Will you be getting that or are you just sticking to what you've got?

Sometimes it has music underneath it and sometimes it doesn't. I wasn't quite sure about getting the music or not. I kind of like it without it, but I might eventually add it on. I was thinking of getting a quote on the inside of my arm, and I didn't want too much text next to each other. We'll see how it pans out.
IMO It looks cool the way it is. Without any music. A Capella. (SP?)
It is also less likely that someone would think it is a band tribute, but uh, being where it is... maybe mass exposure is not an issue. Then again...


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i've long thought that the HWM logo is one of the coolest band logos i've ever seen. i think it's fine without the "music" written down, since it's pretty recognizable as meaning "hot water music" just with the fire and water symbols. HWM's first three albums were fantastic, but i'm not crazy about anything after that, or about the bands that they split into.


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Bukowski quotes

I'm looking for an image if one exists.

the quote "some people never go crazy, what truly horrible lives they must lead."

is there an image of a manuscript or anything of this in his handwriting?
i need it for a tatttoo.

hank solo

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Thanks roni. Don't think I'll get it tattooed on myself though :D

Gerard K H Love

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You don't need it in handwriting. Just get it in straight letters and when you get old and your skin stretches out it will look like a hand written note. Just like the hoola girl on grandpa's arm got old right with him.
my memories blur like the ink on my arms

hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
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Just like the hoola girl on grandpa's arm got old right with him.

I really like that, G K H Love.

And your new signature is a good choice too.

(And before anyone asks its the last stanza from To Lean Back into It ;))
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