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lookie lookie what Eddyflash brought me back from boston:


yes, i'm easily amused. :D
I went there several years ago! It's great! It's nestled next to a parking garage in the Back Bay section. There are some very nice murals of famous Bukowski photos. It's kind of like mecca for those who care.
yeah I tried taking pictures while I was inside but it was too dark and the patrons were looking at me funny like I was a tourist ( was in Boston on business travel) especially since I was with two salesmen wearing suits. So I settled for the drink coasters. They also had Murphys stout on draught there.. my favorite beer that is hard to find in bars most of the time...
I've been there too. Nice little place. I wasn't sure if it had anything to do with the man, but maybe there was a picture on the wall or something. Felt like such a tourist (I was) but after a couple managed to set to locals straight on the origins of the band Handsome Family (Albuquerque, NM).

And I've been here too but like it says the place doesn't exist anymore. The chap running this place was a fan. I remember sitting under a film poster for Tales of Ordinary Madness, saying what a terrible film it is and he asked me where I've seen it (VHS in the local library).

Interested? I didn't think so...

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