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That typewriter photo is pre-Hollywood era. He's probably talking about the photos of himself with Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway. The cover of the Barfly screenplay book comes from that photo session.
there are tons of photos in Barfly. Although all in black and white, they are still awesome. Domator, if you don't have that book, get it.


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hank solo said:
And if you're interested in photos of Bukowski, you may like to read the interview that photographer Michael Montfort gave to SA Griffin here:
That interview must have been done after I met Montfort. Griffin mentions my beer bottle poem:

"Not only the thousands of photos he had captured over the years, all meticulously filed away in the industrial file cabinets that lined the walls - but letters, books, paintings, comic books, drawings, bottles of beer with poems floating in them, countless ephemera..."

Good to know that it stood out from the crowd. ;)
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