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... somehow, this picture differs from my memory. Just googled it up. It must be the second man in the back. Anybody?

The second man in back is a man by the name of
Helmut Franz. He is mentioned in Audrach's Nobility.

The woman is a former .
I didn't realize that Paris Hilton had read The Art of War. ;)
I wouldn't be surprised. A few years back everyone I knew who was in their 20's was reading it. It seemed to be some kind of fad.

I can't wait to see them all using the techniques and mindsets against each other when they all know them. That will be something. It may cause a tear in the fabric of the space/time continuum.

Or something.
Or reach back into ANY mythology for similar anecdotes of any kind.

Let's abolish all fairy tales, shall we ?

(All in favor, please raise a paw...)
Paw raised. Both OK? I always knew that some stupid whore with little tits sucked off Jesus (except for that singularly minor point that he never actually existed). You can tell by that semi-pleased but "at least I'm a white guy for the US idiot catholics (and don't even mention christians; christ they won't even look at you in the package store)" look on his face on that cheesy "work of art" that I had to look at while I masturbated in the den while my parents were asleep. Or maybe awake, but not copulating because it wasn't makin' baby time.

I almost wish that I had been raped by a priest as a child so that I could drip perverted DNA on every kkkhristian. Alas, I cannot.

Have I made my hatred for Western religion clear?

And yes, Jesus is no different from any other cross-borne mythological figure, such as the Greek's Dionysius, etc.

#6, the fairytales shall never be abolished, because too many people in this cuntry (sic) are not willing to explore their minds. They need to be spoon-fed eternal life.

They also condemn me for not being an idiot like them. How sorry I feel.

For them.

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