Bukowski's 'The Interlude'


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I was checking out Wormwood Review (Issue 144) and found this poem. Because this Issue is from 1996, I came (here) to look for more information, but found none. Apparently it was only published in Wormwood. I'd like to know If anyone knows more info about this poem (when was written etc etc etc...)

I never know If I can do this but... (If it's not allowed, sorry. Please don't take down the thread. I'm curious ;) :



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not sure if they're related.
Two of them are. "Interlude" in The Flash of Lightning is the same as "The Interlude" in Wormwood.

Well, not exactly the same, of course. Maybe we should say that the poems in the posthumous collections are "based on" the poems originally written by Bukowski...

Database is updated.