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Here's the cover of Cave 4, a little out of New Zealand from 1973 with an interesting photo of Bukowski. Below that is A Hot Tip on the Future which, according to the database, is uncollected. It's not so special.

A brief word about all my photos: I take them with my mobile phone in poor lighting and spend very little time trying to impove the quality. Barely legible is good enough for me. Hope that works for you guys, as well.


A Hot Tip on the Future [...] It's not so special.
It's funny, because it isn't special, you're right. But only because he wrote that type of poem pretty frequently. If anyone else had written it, maybe it would have seemed more profound. For that particular genre though, the Bukowski life-is-wasted-on-all-of-us poem, I think it's pretty good.

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