Covid or Go home: Online live music (1 Viewer)

One of the many new "ways to live different" things I've enjoyed is watching online concerts from musicians homes.
I'm a fan anything new Orleans and their radio station WWOZ promotes local "in house concerts".
They are a mixed bag-not every musician has the best set up-that said, others are fun, enjoyable and funny too.
Last night I watched Anders Osborne. Tuesday its Galactic.
There is also a way to drop a few pennies if you are willing.
I always do.
This is going to last a while so any other online enjoyable are appreciated and may make for a useful thread.

On another note-my dog keeps me active and sane-every morning I'm greeted by-"so how can I make your day?"
If you have chance get one-you will both benefit.

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 3.50.15 PM.jpg
Just over a month ago, our dog Leo contracted giardia. It was a mess for a few days but it was readily diagnosed (a warm, wet February had resulted in many cases; Leo was the eighth dog that week that our one vet had diagnosed and treated), responded immediately to treatment and cleared up in less than a day. I remember thinking at the time: "Ah, now we can move back to a normal life..."

Thanks for posting.
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