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..It seems that all the B.S. is coming from the older men. Mabey it's a midlife crisis or just plain ole feelings of inadiquesy.

This was your quote, not mine. You are middle aged like the majority of us. Who are these older men that are picking on Ambreen?

Sometimes unintentional comedy is the best kind.
But expected idiocy is boring.

I don't care about what some bored illiterate who has never read a Bukowski book thinks about anything. That doesn't apply only to JENNNNNN but a number of people who show up here for for who knows what reason, and grace us with their opinions on everything. I'm certainly not waiting for JENNNNNN's review of whatever Bukowski she happens to pick up from the local libarry.

When did this become the fucking lonely housewives forum? It's not going to go down like that. The pendulum is swinging too far to the moronosphere. If you want the loving embrace of fellow subnormals, go to Literary Mary and talk about your awful poetry, post some lolcats and ping pong your empty head across the universe. This is not that place. This is not the final destination of the short yellow bus.

Just so you know.

That screeching you hear is the breaks. If we crash, we crash. I'd prefer that to what's happening right now.

Hope you're buckled up.
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