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Saw that this film is now availible with english subtitles and I'm going to pick it up....wondering if some of you who've seen it could give some opinions.
well, I have a rip ever since the DVD was available (a few months now) but hadn't had the time to watch it yet! tood bad!
You know, there's a VHS version of Crazy Love in my closet but we've never watched it. Thanks for the reminder. I'll have to pull it out and take a look...
watched it and it's very good, as both a film and a Buk adaption. the ending is a bit sentimental, but we all know that Buk was also.
Basically its a story of "Harry Voss" told through 3 seperate tales, from different parts of his life. Harry is clearly based on Bukowski's writings,

From memory I think that the first two sections draw from the novel "Ham On Rye". The second part sees Harry plagued by Acne Vulgaris and reluctant to attend the school dance. The third part is definitely based on the short story "The copulating mermaid of Venice, California" (See Erections, Ejaculations and General Tales of Ordinary Madness, or The Most Beautiful Woman in Town and Other Stories) involving the theft of a corpse....

IMDB Entry - Crazy Love
Wanted to weigh in here quickly and say that I just watched this and was quite moved, actually. Well worth a look. The DVD player has got to be my favorite toy, I must say. It affords so many opportunities for the great if simple pleasure of having exactly zero in the way of expectations (e.g., I didn't even know, going in, that it was a product of Belgium and was subtitled) and yet being agreeably surprised at how much you enjoy certain films.

P.S. Have I seen the kid in the first segment in some other film before, or am I just imagining this?
Yeah.. it really is a good movie! And according to Buk the best film adaptation of his work. Just got it on dvd less than a week ago and I'm very pleased with it, especially with the last two parts of the movie which was straight out of Buk. But the first part (Harry Voss as a boy) was not directly from Buk's writings, but clearly Buk inspired. The last part is from "The copulating mermaid of Venice,Ca." but the ending is dramatically changed compared to the short story, but it still works fine! Well worth a watch...
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Bukefan said:
. . . the first part (Harry Voss as a boy) was not directly from Buk's writings, but clearly Buk inspired.

Yes indeed, and as the bonus materials make clear, that segment was autobiographical vis-a-vis the director and had Buk's blessing and admiration.
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I have a copy of this Belgian film and love it. I watch it every couple of years or so. Great Buk feel to it. The Mondo Macabro edition has some worthwhile special features on it, some good interviews detailing Deruddere's (the director's) experiences in getting the producers to back it, and another when seeking Buk's blessing are well worth the price of the DVD. Deruddere seems like a real character and would love to see him make some more Buk adaptations. I also love the documentary on the history of Belgian film-making, a selection of films which for some interesting reason tie in well with the grittiness of the feature film.
Deruddere seems like a funny dude. I love the way he describes his nervousness at meeting Bukowski and then the aftermath following the all-night drinking session - getting back to the hotel, parking his rental, and then letting go from both ends and crawling into an elevator, just as people are heading off to work. Classic!

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