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Hmmmmm ...
The film is, well ... by the end I thought it was wonderful.
At the beginning I was scratching my crotch, er ... head wondering how many masterbation scenes I was going to have to endure.

The subtitles were easy to follow even for me. I cannot wait to know the movie well enough to turn them off. The soundtrack was great, especially "Love Hurts".

Once the story left the 50's and moved into the 60's I began to be moved by the tragic beauty of the story that all on this forum know well. The boils and the constant ridicule that was "Harry Voss'" young life. The "shit paper" dance scene is truly heartwrenching.

My favorite scene is when Harry is thrown in the back of the police wagon and passes out, fade to black straight to the 70's. That is a gorgeous scene.

Any deep meaningful thoughts, kudos, critiques?
Well first i wanna say that i also like the movie i have the DVD with a special
"making of" on hand. I don't know if this was posted here before but the
interview with the director Dominique Deruddere is very funny. He told us about his trip from belgium to L.A. because he wanted Bukowski's "blessing"
for the project. After he got Buks approval they started a tough drinking session (it was titled "Boozing with Bukowski" in the interview).
After that Dominique was so destroyed that he puked and also shit in his pants and spent the whole day in his hotel bed.
There also was a scene with Bukowski included that i never saw before.
( driving in a car with a part of the the film crew in L.A.)
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I have that dvd too, with bonus material (interview etc.). Great movie - although he changed the ending of the last segment. Buk ended the short story in a different way (The copulating mermaid of Venice Calif)...
Sure. I think I got my copy from Amazon. I believe you can find it on some CD/DVD sites too...

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