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I watched a short flim last night again it was called my old man and it was line for line a flim on Buks poem my old man awhile ago I asked if anyone has seen the flick,its short but its the poem in action as if his words are not enough...never enough Buk


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I've seen it. It's well made. Usually the short films with Buk poems in them, you find on Youtube and Google Video are not too well made, but this is an exeption. There's another one based on the short story Son of Satan, which is also quite good. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the site which has it...
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There's another short film after the poem 'The horseshoe', where he has to see his dentist. It won some prices I think. Maybe even at Cannes. Me personally, I can't see anything in this film.


I reread the story "Son of Satan" in "Septuagenarian Stew" and must say the
movie is much better than the story.
Job really well done from the directors.


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yes, i thought that film was very well done. those are the kinds of films i'd like to make. this one is inspiration. i'm surprised i havent seen it till now. those kids did a great job acting. also, the father was very believable.

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