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I am not making any accusations about this seller or this item (gun-shy?), but has anyone ever known Bukowski to sign the colophon on a book like this? I know that every other one that I have seen is either signed on the cover, or the title page. This seems very, very odd for him to do this...

The signature looks right, but from that distance it is hard to tell.

No I've never seen a book signed on the colophon apart from the limited signed editions of course.

The signature and doodle look ok to me, based on the photo he's put up.
I think that I have seen other softcovers signed like this on e-bay before. tho I don't have the proof. could these have been signed at a reading or something just handed to him? you know not officially? (whatever) I wouldn't be afraid to buy this book, then again I'm no authority
Yeah, it could have just been put in front of him and he signed it. The only thing that makes me nervous is that the seller does not take Paypal, which is an assurance.

Still, it does look pretty real.

That little man with the flask looks almost identical to the one in my 1987 New Year's Greeting, "Luck." The sig also looks good, and if I recall correctly, my "Luck" is signed on the colophon.
It does seem odd that it is signed at the colophon, and I would usually take that as a warning sign, but the signature and sketch both look completely legit. If someone handed the book to Bukowski with it opened to the colophon for signing, I would imagine he would have just gone ahead and signed it there.
I think if you handed it to him opened to the colophon, that's where he'd sign it (uh, yeah, what chronic said!). But generally, you're right, he didn't go to the colophon, he signed near the front.

The signature and doodle look real to me though (the doodle might be harder to convincingly fake than the signature), and the seller's feedback is very good. Odd to start it at $1, but maybe that's the way he starts everything.
A bit late, but I just checked my signed "Dangling..." and it's signed on the colophon as well. Perhaps it's that it's a paperbound that makes you wonder?

And yes, we'll all bid now!!!:D

Actually, I'd rather have a signed original Barfly, not from BSP (a bit drunk, can't remember the original publisher).

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