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Hi there,

I am new to this forum and just wanted to ask for your opinions on this signature.

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Little back story: my father and I are huge fans of Bukowski’s work and I wanted to purchase a signed book for Fathers Day. So after a little research and scanning I have found a signed copy of Factotum. Moreover, after speaking to the dealer in regards to its authenticity, he said :
“I got all my Bukowskis from a single source, The Bookshop at Queen's University Belfast, over a period from the late eighties to the mid nineties. At the time the bookshop was one of the best sources of Bukowski material in the UK and the manager had connections with dealers and collectors in the US, including with the man himself!”

I will post pictures of the book and the signature. I wanted to get opinions from Bukowski fans and this seemed to be the best place to check for its authenticity.

Sorry for the long post,


Just bought this. I am pretty new to buying books and have just purchased this for my brother who is also a massive fan. Would appreciate some of your expert feedback folks!

Actually, I have just seen the previous post which Eli who was bidding on the same book made. So question answered. Seems like you guys think it's real which is great news. Sorry Eli!!! Hope you find another copy for your dad!

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