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I just announced this....


If anyone is interested, please visit the website. The price is $15 plus postage. If you paid the postage for that Poetry Bomb poster (which, surprise, have not mailed out yet), then you can remove the postage and I'll ship these together.

The actual print is signed and numbered on the front in pencil. Printed letterpress on a Vandercook universal III from a copper plate in Rives BFK, which is a 100% cotton rag French made paper.

Earliest orders get lowest numbers, or your pick of the numbers, if that is the kind of thing that gets you jazzed...

This print is just fantastic. Here's how I've put mine together, for now, at least. The photo actually makes the frame look better than it is. It's just a plastic press-glass front-loading frame with a black backing and a piece of olive green construction paper:


And a groovy signature:


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