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We have VERY cold winters here. Makes it a little tough to work in the studio, which is not heated...

Well, summer is here, and things are warming up. This book will be published next month (August)

sh1.jpg's very own.....

Stephen Hines - re/translate

Experimental poetry. 40 pages. 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches.
Cover is letterpress printed in 2 colors on a Vandercook SP-15.
One poem translated through 30 languages and back into English with each translation

Limited to an edition of 136 copies;

100 copies sewn in wraps ($6).
26 hardcover copies, quarter-bound in cloth and signed by the poet ($30),
& 10 deluxe copies, the biri edition, Quarter-bound in purple morocco and housed in a matching clamshell case that contains a signed drawing by the author ($175)

Drawing as we speak. Or type. I'm not really speaking while I type. Not literally, at least. Figuratively, sure.

Buy the book!
For those waiting on a deluxe edition of this one, please know the delay is all on my end, not Bill's.

I could list the reasons, but they would sound like excuses. But I will say the lack of a dedicated studio space in my house is an issue that will be remedied in the near future (I"m looking at you, mudroom).

Anyway, enough moaning. The drawings should be done today. I just did six this a.m. and have 5 left to do.

A little background on the drawings: from their jacket photos I drew authors that I can only read in translation, then I "obscured" those drawings. Hopefully, some of the drawings will be too big for the books and will have to be cut down, obscuring them even more. This all, of course, is keeping with the theme of the book. I'm taking someone else's photo of the author and "retranslating" it, until the meaning of the original work is not immediately recognizable, showing the tricky nature of translation.

Maybe I'm overthinking this and should've drawn unicorns and rainbows. heh

Last drawing done.

Sadly, no My Little Pony bonus drawings, despite last minute requests from the publisher. Maybe next book.

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I should have the art and signed sheets in hand on Monday. These books will ship out as soon as I am able to bind them. Probably by Friday. They will also ship with the extras, as mentioned in another thread, which is:

"All orders placed from now until the end of the year ship with extra gifts.
The more that you spend, the more extras I'll send. The best stuff goes first.
While supplies last."

Finally got to crack the spine on this one, and it's a mighty intriguing and curious read. I think it's especially interesting considering the fact that, as these technologies improve (and I think they're set to improve drastically over the next decade) this will be not just a cautionary tale of the limitations of cheapjack translation, but a kind of time capsule snapshot of where the technology was in 2015. I'd suspect it is already interesting to the linguists of the world, but may well become a kind of retro Rosetta Stone of translation code. In any event, it's another publishing curio from BoSP -- which I dig! An non-traditional book and idea. Well done, fellas.

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