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"...our chief weapon is surprise ... surprise and fear ... our TWO weapons are fear and surprise ... and ruthless effeciency. - our THREE weapons are ..... "
Monty Python is Cool!

Ok, is there a connection between Monty Python, Mad Magazine, the Marx Brothers and other aspects of POPULAR CULTURE and Buk? There's something in Buk's snotty humor, his satirical parry and thrust....:eek::rolleyes:;):)
And there's certainly the same disregard for authorities...
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thank you. which is made of two SEPARATE words
It took me only a short while to decide that I liked Bukowksi and his thoughts.
i have considered this-
"What was wrong was never understood and what was right never lasted."
and I have to agree
I think we may be friends now?
it's still difficult to verbalise what it is he's done for me in the short time I've come to know him

a personal story: when I was young I was left in the care of my aunt. my mother would usually come pick me up after she finished work. sometimes she didn't. When I was told she wasn't coming that night, I'd get that feeling as though everything was going to come to an end.
I think this childhood memory explains my need to have routine in my life.
He has the tendency to make me feel as if the world's about to end but I'm not sad about it.
In fact, I feel better knowing as opposed to being unable to grasp that concept.

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