Favorite moment in Born Into This (1 Viewer)

I thought the presentation of "dinosauria, we" was absolutely brilliant. It made me into a Bukowski fan in one minute flat.

Another scene I liked was Bukowski going to the laundry in that German documentary. Is it surprising that the footage for the dinosauria,we reading was also shot at this time? A wonderful black-and-white film version of Los Angeles as I always imagined it: sunny, hot, sterile, unforgiving.

There's a great moment in that sequence where he is making a turn and he actually sticks out his left arm to signal. It's so unexpected, and yet it immediately allows the viewer to connect with him as if you're riding in the car with him. I wonder why he did that? Just old-fashioned or was his tail light broken?
too many to pick one but i know what my least favorite moment was..starts with B and ends with oh no!
I recently re-watched this. There are a lot of moments in Born that I love. But I had forgotten that Harry Dean Stanton knew Buk. Stanton's reading was really well-done. Also liked Tom Waits' reading. Didn't care much for Bono's, though.

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