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The Cruelty of Loveless Love
Hey I was wondering if anyone had any solid information about Story Magazine '44, such as value and how many copies are still hanging around out there. I have wanted a copy for ages, and finally came across this one and bought it without a second thought, but it's damn near impossible to find info about it. It's not in the greatest of conditions but I am still uber psyched to own a copy of it since it's Buk's words in print for the first time. The seller also threw in a signed notice card for the reprint of the Rejections... poem, don't know much about that either. Thanks.

The Magazine is worth between $400 and $600, probably on the lower side given the condition. There are two copies on abe. One for $577 and one for $4500 (That seller bought his copy for about 1/10th of that price on ebay a month or two ago). There were certainly thousands of copies of STORY printed. I'm convinced that there are still a good number of them undiscovered, waiting to be found in used bookshops or garage sales. Still, it is the 1st publication. It is a painful hole in my collection!

The signed card is probably worth $100 as a curiosity. I have never seen one of these little cards but given that it was put out by Groff, I would not take it if it was free. That is just me personally (although a few people here agree with me.)
Not to blow my own horn, but have you seen The Strange Pertinacity of Charles Bukowski? There's some info about Story and Bukowski. And you can see a pic of Burnett and his infamous signature.

You can read "About Aftermath" here.

About Aftermath.jpg
Thanks for the info Bill, and no I haven't read The Strange Pertinacity of Charles Bukowski yet, I recently added to my wish list, but I keep spending ridiculous amounts on other purchases, as seen above. Thanks for the link, and Burnett's B is certainly distinct. And Bill you spiked my interest, whats up with Groff, the fact that he was basically a bootlegger?
curious: was it someone on here that nabbed the most recent Story mag on ebay for something like $416? i had the high bid of $411 with a couple seconds left when it got got by some other lucky so-n-so...
no hard feelin's of course, just wondering who won it.
I was watching that one and was going to bid late at about $300 (it was in the $100-$200 range for a couple of days) and it shot up pretty quickly over the last hour or so. Sorry to hear you missed it, James. When I lose one like that I take ROC's advice - just assume that the high bidder typed in $1,000 even though it cost him ~$416. (Not to say that I thought it was only worth ~$300; I just was hoping to get it on the cheap after PBA.)
yea PS, i pretty much think that way, that the bidder bid $888 or something, and not $420...
and although disappointing to not win, there's always that sigh of relief that you don't actually have to PAY for it now....
LOL, know how you feel. Just saw this thread. I think I had posted $330 before I left for work. Didn't expect that bid to win, still a little dissapointment when it didn't followed immediately by the relief of not havin'g to part with that money.

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