First time poster. Further reading advice/disscusion would be great. (1 Viewer)

22 from the UK, first time poster. Currently rereading most of his novels (for want of a better description) but I would really appreciate any direction or suggestion on where to make a start on the rest of his work.

Initially my largest draw to him as a writer was the rawness of Post Office. Was the rawness deliberate or was it just his unrefined prose which lead to my admiration? His technique develops throughout his career but the ability to engage never wavers despite the drastic change in style, pacing and tone..

Is this ability to write innate? Similar to Neil Young being able to stroll through music genre, redefine and recreate was Bukoski just born the ability to write captivatingly regardless of how he delivers it?

I've assumed it's a combination of raw talent combined with work which leads to a result which a man can only struggle to not read and enjoy.

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