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Hey fresh fish here. Been reading Buk since my teens but recently went on a big binge and wrote some poetry about it. Here’s one, lmk what you think, or don’t. Cheers


(Welcome, FM. Sorry, we don't allow member poetry here. It's a long standing policy for sanity reasons. -ed. )
Thanks bonnie, got laid off and went through all the novels minus Hollywood and the last night of the earth poems, plus a bunch of video poems on YT there’s a ton of great accounts.
Sorry about the change in job status, but that is certainly a Bukowski type life experience.
Last Night of the Earth is one of my faves - “Telephone” is just too accurate.
Read his letters yet?

It’s the difference between reading a book on learning how to ride a bicycle and an angry, beer breathed, three day stubble, drunk yelling in your ear.

Great stuff.

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