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I'm 33 chapters in now and I'm really starting to warm up to it.
Its just different because I read Women first, which I still think is his best novel. I was hooked on Women from the first chapter.
Took me about 10-15 to really get into this one.
Someday someone will respond to these posts and have a discussion about these books. hahaha.

I only have 3 chapters left of Ham On Rye.
I really enjoyed it.
I understand now what James meant in the thread I created about what order to read the novels in when he suggested:
ham on rye
post office
I think that, had I not already started reading Women, I would have done it this way. Now that I've read Women, Post Office and Ham On Rye, I'll probably read the last 3 in the order of: Factotum, Hollywood, Pulp.

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