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more crickets than friends
I headed out to the valley last night to see my friend Mark's band Bang Tango.
Funny thing is, one of the opening bands had quite a big following. They're called Hammer of the Broads and as you may have guessed they're an all girl Led Zeppelin tribute band.
I have always stayed far away from tribute bands, only witnessed a few by accident, kind of like last night. My friends band was going on at 12:30am last night, so we got there about 11pm. Well the broads went on at about 11:15pm. I must say, I stood there and watched in awe. I mean, I do believe Robert Plant would give his left nut for this girls voice(nowadays, I mean) and the girl playing guitar was really shredding the thing. Anyway it led me to wonder, yes I know they're playing Zep tunes, but damn, they were playing the shit out of them. So I just thought I'd ask, does anyone around these parts ever head out to see tribute bands? I always thought it was a waste of time to go and see a band play some other bands songs for an hour, but to an extent my mind was changed last night. When all is said and done, not sure I'd go see the broads again, but just curious as to others thoughts on the matter.

I also think my friends were a bit dissapointed at the fact that everyone there last night seemed to be there see the tribute band. Though I'm sure my friend Mark realizes his bands prime was back in like 1992, but once the broads were done, the place pretty much emptied out.
Is Lez Zepplin another tribute band?

Not sure if these girls were better, but I think I fell in love with the bass player and I tell ya, she looked nothing like John Paul Jones!

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