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Gerard K H Love

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Oh! I decided to grow a mullet, that would be pomo. They say their bringing it back in New York. Some people wear a mullet every year but it was big in the eighties. It will be both fun and humiliating to grow one- not as bad as a bowl cut.

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
I wonder if Reginald Cunningham III might be related to Christopher.

I like the logo for Weekly World News. I remember standing in line at the grocery store reading those Bat Boy stories, I never bought one.



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Before The Great Douchebag Revolution of the 1990s, every guy in every tattoo shop in the country would have beaten you up and thrown you out the back door into the garbage cans just for asking about a tattoo like that.

Things were better pre-revolution.


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the best way to rock a pink toile tutu?

act like you're not wearing a pink toile tutu.

although I think the blonde woman looking over his shoulder at the camera is on to him...


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The most important part of that outfit is the attitude of the wearer, so he is, indeed, rocking it.

These guys, on the other hand, are beyond help:

Thank fuck this stuff is pretty rare in Scotland. We've got skinny jeans and fringes for the hipsters here, no moustaches. The rest of us... We all just walk about in kilts walking our haggis.


I'm waiting for all the po-mo kids to start wearing sweatpants and ink-stained tee shirts.

Then, maybe just for a little while, I'll be "in."


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