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Is it wrong to really Laugh Out Loud at such a thing?
I thought that was a tourism site for Williamsburg, Brooklyn. ;)

that's a pretty funny site. the BEEEEEEEAAAAAAANNNNNSSSSS guy is my favourite.

ironic mustaches seem to be the way to go.
Hey, that's not fair! They've used a photo from our inaugural staff awards ceremony!


Big Winners: The Administrator and Moderators of Bukowski.net

I'm glad I shaved my goatee now...
Did anybody follow this link from that site?

Truly disturbing stuff... you want to laugh, but you're afraid that if you do, something really really bad will happen.
Or this one.


The Brits may have outdone us (for now, anyway) in the pomo moustache category, going for the 19th century look over the 70's porn dude look. But I have faith that our hipster doofuses can outshine any others on earth in the long run.
A few years ago they had a show on Channel 4 (UK) called Nathan Barley. It's all about this hipster shit, very amusing from one of our best comedy writers (I don't own him, but I've been told it's hip to be nationalist right now. I'm getting a St George's flag tattooed on my eyelid tomorrow).

Anyway, here's one of the few clips I could find on youtube of Nathan Barley...

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of an ironic mustache.

suck that, all you pomo hipster wannabe's!
You could do like Los Angeles gang bangers and tattoo the name of your gang on your upper lip. They look like moustaches from a distance, but have a completely different effect up close...

I don't think I can fit my gang name on my lip. "The Daughters of the American Revolution" is kinda big. would the "D.A.R." abbreviation look silly?
It's the Pabst Blue Ribbon cult.

Almost as bad as the soy zombies and trustifarians I encounter while grabbing a 6-pack of gut rot at Trader Hoes.

The "Sat/Aug 1st" pic is actually really terrifying.
Perhaps he's the ringleader. Kinda has that glazed over 'ped' look of one.
Is there actually a gang in Los Angeles named Flores ?

Doesn't the LA Police Department have a SWAT team ?
(Spraying, Weeding And Trimming)
A lot of gangs are named after streets (even within larger gangs with more generic names), so yes, Flores is a gang. I see these guys with the lip (and chin) tattoos around Carol's studio, and it's really fucking weird to encounter them. They have definitely hit on something intimidating there, no doubt about that.
you get major for points posting that pic!

by the way, i'm dying to know what tunes you were listening to
to be put in such a state of reverie.

...you were listening to music right?
I think it was a prayer meeting.

and no, I'm not proud of that picture. I just can't pass up the opportunity to poke fun. even if it's at myself.

posing twat I am. heh.
I was going to say it looks like a revival meeting, and a bent over old man is just out of frame, speaking in tongues and opening a box of snakes...
You're right. One guy with an ironic moustache makes the whole pomo douchebag thing all very passe, doesn't it? Should we close this thread? Maybe we should close the whole forum. Forums are nothing new.
Poor, misunderstood baby! I sure hope he's okay. I would hate for someone so pure and innocent to be horribly abused like that!

Ha, yeah, I was all for that cop pulling that kick! The high five he gave after was even better. I'm glad that he was cleared. Even funnier, that cop was running his own clothing line made up entirely of gang attire! I run into these dudes, every now and then in line at Wal-mart, or at Del Taco at 3am, and I always want cops to be around!

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