Hanging with Bukowski at the Gotlieb Center (1 Viewer)

"...French existentialist Albert Camus called him America's greatest writer of the time."

OK, Camus died in January 1960, before Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail. I mean, Camus was insightful and all...:rolleyes:

Jean Genet said that. But wait; actually he probably didn't.

All that aside, those holdings are just a couple of miles from where I'm sitting right now. I'll have to have a gander.
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The article only said that his long time publisher compared Bukowski to Camus.

There are only two Bukowski entries.

edit, okay that is worded very poorly it does say Camus called him America's greatest writer. Maybe Camus has that copy of Write magazine.;)
Those are the Bukowski letters to Blazek, most of them published. I got copies of the unpublished ones, but it wasn't easy, let me tell you that. This is one of the very few cases where the unpublished material is not better than the published one, methinks.

Genet and Sartre said that B was the best poet in America. But it was actually Jon Webb who said it :)

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