Happy Birthday BUKFAN & hank solo (1 Viewer)

Happy birthday Bukfan!
Happy birthday Hank Solo!

Thanks, guys! - I spent my birthday attending a snooker match between triple (and current) World Champion, John Higgins, and Top 16 player, Mark Selby, so I had a great evening (Higgins won 7-6).
Happy Belated Birthdays to both of you, Hank and Bukfan. I hope they were extra nice, as they should be. Cheers to you both and also Hooch.

Also... nice pic Roni.
Yeah Happy Birthday, Bukfan!

And thanks folks.
Plus received Ghost today, thanks rekrab
I am glad to be able to say so:

I wish you all the Best for the upcoming year and the many of them, that will follow from here on!

You two rock!
Thanks a lot, guys! I appreciate it. It warms my heart on this cold autumn day. :smile:

And Happy Birthday, hank solo! Funny, but we share this day with Daniel Boone, I'm told.
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Just had one or two ales.

See you again, same thread, same time, next year. Thanks for stopping by!

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