Happy Birthday, mjp! (1 Viewer)

happy birthday mjp!

well, lookie here...
it's mjp's birthday.
happy birthday to a fine poet and artist and musician and a great forum leader....
hope you won't be sober. if you won't be, I won't be, deal?
anyway, happy whatever and all that good stuff...
Happy Birthday mjp - I've been celebrating for 7 hours 20 minutes... so I guess its nearly you Birthday where you are :D :D
All the responses in this thread were different threads started at the same time, including Bill's,
and everyone following him, so I merged them.

Everyone wished you a happy b-day at once, Boss.
It was the coolest thing.

I should've just left all the separate threads.

- -
Father Luke
Thank you, thank you.

I will pass your good wishes along to my mother and father, who inadvertently created me while just trying to have a rollicking teenage good time! Ha.

Luckily for me.
Happy Birthday mjp - I've been celebrating for 7 hours 20 minutes... so I guess its nearly you Birthday where you are :D :D

Make that er... 25 hours, 2 minutes... :p

So are you celebrating?
So are you celebrating?
Man, I'm 48. What's to celebrate? ;) Birthday parties aren't really my thing. Along with pretty much anything that would cause people to look at me or ask me a question. As you can guess, I am a fun, exciting guy to be around.

I did have some very good cake, and topped off the evening with a very bad documentary film about Hunter Thompson.

So I guess I came out even.
We're the same age, mjp.
I don't do celebrations.

Maybe it's a phase for our age group,
which will pass with time.

I kind of hope not.
We go digital, we are constantly drowning by numbers.
Where is the year when I walked with 24 empties to the liquor store and it was a pleasant feeling the streets were quiet until I found out the liquor store was closed and someone told me it was Christmas. Those were the days.
You share you b'day with Joey Bishop and Morgan Fairchild. 576 months.
I think you're on the wrong date. I see; Alice Cooper, Dan Quayle, Betty Friedan, Rosa Parks, Charles Lindbergh...wow, what a group! What are the odds?!

Oh, I guess the odds are 1 in 365. Never mind.
Shoould we dust this one off and run it again or should we start a brand new one?

He is going to be 49 next week the 4th.

this would hit the spot:

Bet you didnt know you shared your birthday with the greatest painter of all time...Jackson Pollock. I remembered this half-way through my first beer of the evening.
A google home page huh...well, ol Jack's finally gettin his due...bet you havent seen a Picasso or a Dali google page. Go Jackson! and MJP!
As you indicated last year: best wishes to your parents on your birthday, mjp.

I've never understood why people celebrate something we never had anything to do with in the first place. I mean, dropping out of a...{insert Spinal Tap reference here} well, getting slapped in the ass by a man in a sterile straightjacket is hardly cause for annual celebration, now is it?

Until next year when you're 50, of course. :eek:
I'm of the opinion that they are all well and good until you're about 10, after that, you should get a job and quit fucking around.

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