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fuck you all! i like having an excuse to be the centre of attention for a day and get presents. i love presents!
yeah, GETTING is good. A dinner, some drinks, a guitar, an oxy-gasoline cutting torch...all things that can be accessed and made special by the birthday tradition. We should all be lucky enough to abuse the priveledge. And god help all of them if you get let down on THAT day.
As you indicated last year: best wishes to your parents on your birthday, mjp.

I've never understood why people celebrate something we never had anything to do with in the first place. I mean, dropping out of a...{insert Spinal Tap reference here} well, getting slapped in the ass by a man in a sterile straightjacket is hardly cause for annual celebration, now is it?

Until next year when you're 50, of course. :eek:

I remember seeing an interview of some celebrity (Carlin?) remarking upon people being proud of attributes they had nothing to do with deciding (he was talking about ethnicity, but it works here).
Happy Birthday MJP even though it's not your birthday and you don't belive in congratulations for birthdays and my wishing is totally insincere.

Besides that have a really, really wonderfully stupendous great day!:):):):):):):):):):)
...bet you havent seen a Picasso or a Dali google page.


Okay. so Google's got more respect for real Art than I gave them credit. Maybe because I try to avoid the search engines...that kind of access to trivia and minutae can take the edge off of information, take the labor and process out of seeking, reduce the value of a revelation (reduce the value of thinking). I still like owning as many books as possible. Even if I'm only LOOKING at them from the outside. It all has something to do with a healthy relationship with matter.
...I try to avoid the search engines...that kind of access to trivia and minutae can take the edge off of information, take the labor and process out of seeking, reduce the value of a revelation...
Do you walk everywhere too?

Seems like driving would take the labor and process out of transportation, and reduce the value of arriving at your destination.

You know, walking might even be a little too out of touch. Crawling would probably be better. Stay close to the earth. Really appreciate the ground you're covering.

So to speak.
No I dont walk everywhere. But I do try to be excessively loaded-down no matter how I'm traveling. Keeps the bones strong and the leaf springs in check.
I would say that Google is merely a starting point. Once the search terms are entered, then the process of thinking and deducing kick in. They are a tool that helps as well or as bad as the user's own detective skills.

Two things I love about Google:
1) They have a clean home page with minimal advertising/promotion.
2) They demonstrate their appreciation of history right on that home page with their Dali/Pollack/etc. logo designs. An important thing in this hyper-speed world of soundbites and info-bits. A beautiful cultural "stop sign".

But back on topic:
Sorry for hijacking. It was the Pollock that I saw, not the Dali'. I will not send B-day wishes until the proper time arrives. Though I am sure that mjp's Mom was wishing he was OUT 6 days before he arrived, he showed up in his own good time...he sould wait, just like she did! Smiles to ALL:)CRB
So I was going to wait until the actual day, but... well, I'll just forget.

Happy birthday. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Or better yet, do something I wouldn't do. Yeah that encompasses a lot more stuff.
Well, the glorious and hallowed birthdate is still 4 days away, but Jordan and Justine happen to be in town this weekend so they are coming over tonight to have a drink and look down their noses at how we live (it's a San Francisco/Los Angeles thing, I don't understand it either).

It should be a rousing time, and when Jordan and I end up duking it out on the lawn, I will give you a complete and unflinching report of his injuries.

That goes for all of you. If I have to go toe to toe with each one of you noodle-spined cocksuckers, I will. One at a time (or two or three at a time for some of you - you know who you are), until you all show the proper respect and obeisance.

You are dismissed.

Oh, and thanks for the good wishes! :)
...and when Jordan and I end up duking it out on the lawn, I will give you a complete and unflinching report of his injuries...

Will you promise to post some blurry holga snaps of the scrap? We need some action around here. :p
To the Bruce Springsteen of BUKnet:

Since I don't know how to bake a cake, and I don't know when your real birthday is, I'm sending this now.

If it worked for JFK, hopefully, it will work for you.


[This video is unavailable.]

Have a good one mjp.
Enjoy the 49th , you feel a little squeeze when the 4 changes to 5.

Whooaaa dude. You are OLD! I'm not kidding, that's like, over the hill, under the hill, around the ... whoooaa ... that is really, that's like ... oh, wait a minute, did they say 49? Oh ... I thought they said 50. Whoops, my bad. You're cool. You still got plenty of time. You have like ... 365 days. 365 DAYS! You know how long that is? That's like ... 52 weeks or something, which doesn't sound as long as 365 days, but it sure sounds a hell of a lot longer than 12 months which is basically what it is--12 months, and we all know how fast 12 months goes by. That's like--POOF--blink of the eye. Gone! Ya know? That's like ... that's like, um, ... like, not .. a ... long time ... and, well ...yeaaahhh ... shit. Sorry bro. Anyway, have a good one.

damn ... 49 ....
A toast to MJP!

May those who love us, love us
And for those who don't,
May God turn their hearts--
And if he can't turn their hearts,
May he turn their ankles
So we will know them by their limp!

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