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My answer is pathetic...spaghetti and Budweiser. Oh well, the big celebration here in PGH was this past Saturday anyway. Happy St. Pats' to all! CRB:)
My wife and I had a great corned beef with porter mustard and creamed horseradish, with boiled cabbage, potatoes and carrots. The total cliche boiled dinner. That particular corned beef was excellent. Three hours on a gentle simmer helped.

As for booze, it's just another day that ends in y.
Had a Guinness with my Dad.

He was born and raised in Tipperary Town.

But he's alright.

Cheers Dad.
Stay home safe everyone. The amateurs are out tonite full of Guinness, green food-coloring and Jameson.
I had 2 Hurricanes (40's) and a few home-made burritos (the avocados were green).

Without a substantial social life, these holidays dont mean much...so a regular day, it was.
But, DAMN, I love corned beef and cabbage. That meal will YIELD, if thats what you're willing to get from life.
I actually had a unique side next to the corned beef which was my made by my Irish sister-in-law tonight "” it was cabbage with mini cuts of fatty bacon throughout...an original and delicious touch. The normal boiled potatoes were hinted with mint and sage, and smothered with butter and chives and splashes of fresh hand-crushed garlic.

And the dark beer was, well, dark. As helped cook the corned beef, if you know what I mean.

Happy to all...
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^ Must've tasted awesome. I admire you holding out like that...

I got the last-minute family invite, had already purchased my CB and cabbage, and went to my bro's abode. Needless to say, the aromatic wafting of CB&C will infiltrate mi casa at some point this week...
dr. Love, how long were you on the wagon? I know you mentioned it before and the reason why, I just can't recall how long it's been.

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