PONDER! HAPPY B-Day on the 4th ! (1 Viewer)

It was Mark73's birthday too? - Belated Happy Birthday then, Mark73!
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Happy belated from me too iPond.
I was so bedazzled by the Master Moderator's big toothless day that I missed yours.
Enjoy your remaining teeth you as well!
Ponder's probably just using this "cold" as an excuse to stay in bed all day. Happy Birthday, Ponder!

Happy Birthday to Mark73, also. I'm afraid you'll have to lift Ponder's face out of the cake to get a piece.

Happy Birthday, Ponder, mjp, and Mark73! Have a great day, guys, and don't get too drunk, if there is such a thing as too drunk, that is.:D
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I'm late
I'm late
For a very important date...

Snappy B-day P!
Happy Birthday, Ponder! Have a great day, and don't get more drunk than you can always drink one more beer. :)

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